Knock OUT!!

When your day starts off with your alarm mysteriously NOT going off...that is not a good sign!  Luckily i didn't over sleep.  Even luckier i had time for my Oatmeal with Protein powder... ha!  Ohh you're jealous!  Have i mentioned i hate oatmeal :-(.  At least i don't have a problem eating the same thing every day, because the other options are not nearly as appealing as that oatmeal option!  haha

So, since summer is over, i have to work all day (in real shoes and not flip flops--imagine that!)  After that i go right to coaching soccer practice or game, and by the time that is all over its about 5 or 6pm depending on the day.  As if the 11+ hour day isn't long enough, i have to then go work out after!  Luckily, today was a Bootcamp day, and not a "run" on the treadmill day.  I say "run" because to some people it might be considered a "jog" or even a "sprint walk" lol

Today for my workout--bootcamp: Boxing and Legs/Butt.  Now, for someone that is kinda, uhh.., thick around the bottom, you would THINK it wouldn't be so hard for me.  WROOOOONG!  So many lunges, so many step ups.  Add in the "dread square" and you'll have a grand ole' time!  Whats funny is that i keep going back for more.  I honestly can't get enough!!  During the exercise you think, "Ughhhh this is so hard!  How much time is left?  I just can't!  Quick break.  How many more rounds?? etc..."  And when you're done, you feel like it was hard and you worked, but you kind of chuckle to yourself at how you felt like you'd die--and really you're fine.

My favorite part today might have been the boxing Battle cry.  Who thinks of these things??  So as I'm punching and squatting and sweating and trying to breath, you want me to scream as at the top of my lungs?  Say whaaaaat!?  I gave it all my might and yelled as loud as i could.  Then felt a bit faint for lack of oxygen.  It was awesome. :-)  Boxing days are my favorite days.  I never punched anything or anyone ever until i started bootcamp, and now i can't get enough.  Not to mention my boxing gloves are pink--how appropriate!  I'm not ready to jump in a ring tomorrow, maybe not even the next day (umm prolly never for that matter) but what a great cardio work out.  Its only 4 days until tuesday boxing now!

Which means its only 3 days until monday--weigh in!  Food plan today went pretty well--until i cheated and ate a cookie.  Ughhhhh :-(  It was SO not worth it.  It was salad with tomato, carrot, cucumber, and grilled chicken with balsamic dressing used sparingly for dinner.  Hope i can make up for that cookie!  I have been so good about preparing all of my food--meals and snacks--at home and bringing it with me, that i felt a bit mad at myself over the damn cookie!  And after the 6 oz turkey sandwich for lunch its a wonder i even had room for the effing cookie!  Dwelling over, tomorrow is a new day! 

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