Skip or Not Skip???

That is the question.  Proudly, i chose not to skip!!  It was hard though!  I know everyone works long days, and i'm just like the rest of them.  But just because i know we all work long days, doesn't mean it makes it any easier.  I"m sure noooo one wants to go to the gym at 7pm after working 12 hours either.  At least we can commisterate on that!  Because it sucks!  So i climbed up on my treadmill to do my blast work out and i'm jogging along not really thinking about much, and then i did it---i glanced at the mirror to the side of me at the gym.  Let me tell you something...that shit does NOT lie.  You have a muffin top--that mirror shows it.  You have cellulite--that mirror shows it.  You have a bad hair day--that mirrow shows it.  There is no escaping the reality of your imperfections with that mirror.  So as i was running and looked over, and saw what i REALLY looked like, i was really really reaaaaaaaaally glad i didn't skip!!  5 days down 4 weeks and 2 days to go until i look in that mirror and hopefully don't feel all the things i felt today. 

Also, for dinner---a delicious rice bowl.  All i'll add to that--is thank god for salsa.  Its really not that bad i swear, but i would MUCH rather have some chinese food! just sayin.. And proudly, there was no cheating.  No cookie, no hot chocolate, no cheating.  :-)


  1. It's amazing the shit we use as motivation.. Whether it is an upcoming race, a challenge, a girl standing infront of us in line at the store, or the things we hate about our bodies, we have to just run with it. Keep it up Kelley - The only workouts you regret are the ones you don't do!

  2. Preach on!!! I feel worse for skipping then just actually going!! And my work out is short-ish so no excuses :-)