Weigh in Monday!!

aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm down 4 lbs!  Yay!  I"m pretty happy about it :-)  I played it cool at the weigh in, but you KNOW i wanted to jump up and down lol

So last night i made all my dinners for the week again and felt so proud of myself that i took a picture to admire it for a while :-)  I made 3 rice/chicken/vegetables (yes I, Kelley, really said vegetables) and 3 chicken taco dinners.  It has worked out sooooooo well with defrosting one a day and reheating it.  It makes my night SO SO SO much easier.  I would recommend you try it--totally takes that excuse away!]
I also tried my hand at a protein shake--all in all it wasn't too bad.  I used vanilla protein, banana, and Almond milk--I'm sure i have you salivating!   This highlight of the protein shake was the new single serve blender i got at walmart--with 5 serving cups!!!  Now i have your attention :-)

Also yesterday i did my week 5 burst workout, and felt really good and got really sweaty in the 34 mins that it took. 
Starting this week its up to 4 times a week.  That's really hard/a lot to do with soccer every day.  Since talking to Jemand i may possibly might have maybe almost gotten the courage to wake up and do them before work.  I don't really have an option if I'm going to do boot camp at night after work.  I'm going to attempt that on Wednesday and see if i can do it!

Also, i found out that on the recovery interval, while i was jogging it, that's wrong.  I'm supposed to WALK the recovery!  Whaaaaat?!?!?!  I can WALK it!??!?!  At no more than a 3.0 no less--Music to my ears!  I'm going to up my sprint time this week so we will see how it goes.  This past week i mile warm-uped at 10:54 then 8.0/5.5 on my bursts which is 730's and 1054's and then i 10:54 mile cool-downed.  All in all not too bad for someone who hasn't run more than twice since April.  I will say that i now believe in muscle memory--or whatever they call it.  When i get on that treadmill, after this long of a break, its almost like i never left it.  I don't struggle as much as i did when i FIRST started running on it, and i kinda just fell right into stride.
*** So if you're just starting out--stay with it!!  It will get easier i promise!

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