Missing: Motivation. If found, please contact!!

Yesterday:  I ate exactly according to the plan.  Even with greg baking cookies at night--i refrained!  go me!  And i went to the gym and did my run before bootcamp at 5.  I wanted to really push myself on the sprint parts--especially since i can not WALK during the recovery :-)
I did my warm up, and then started my 8 sprints at 9.0 for the first 4 sets.  I said, i think i can push myself more.  I upped it to 9.5 for the next 3 sets.  On the last set i went for 10.0 (6 min/mi) and actually completed it!  Granted its only for 30 seconds, but still!  I wanted to know how fast 10.0 on the treadmill was actually going to be, in order to decide if i could do more sets that just one at 10.0  I can do it!  (more on that in tomorrows update!) 
After running i went to bootcamp and while i felt tired, i still think i got a good work out in for the most part.

So how can i feel so good yesterday and then today, feel like i have completely lost my motivation??  I ate perfectly, had a snack while I rushed to boot after soccer but was still totally out of it.  Picking up light weights, breaking regularly, and just all around bummin around at class.  I couldn't snap out of it!  I'm sure that my days being so long, when i'm used to get my work out in the morning isn't helping.  But since i started Boot i never really gave in to excuses.   So why now?  Whats happened to me? 

There is still 3.5 weeks left in this challenge and i want to win (whatever the prize is i don't care--as long as its mine lol).  But how can i shake this!?  Suggestions welcome PLEASE!!!!


  1. Get ur mind thinking positively...the body does what mind thinks....

  2. Kelley, How do you do your sprint workouts? I should really incorporate sprinting into my regimen. So you do a warm up mile, than eight 30 second sprints. How long is your recovery in between each burst? And you said you walk at 3.0 for that? Then finish with a cool down mile?