Monday Weigh In

Soooo the long awaited weigh in post.  Sorry its been a few days, but monday's weigh in went pretty good.  I felt a lot of pressure to put a decent number since last week i only had 1 pound.  So i arrived at boot, i took off my sneakers, i took a deep inhale/exhale and stepped on up.  I watched the numbers go and go and finally settle on my new weight.  My THREE pound lighter NEW weight!  woooooooooooooo!
I was really happy with the number since i sometimes have a few liberties with the food plan.  I don't have a "cheat" day, i don't eat whatever i want whenever i want, and i certainly don't eat the way i used to, but from time to time (maybe once a week) i might indulge in a peppermint patty.  Ughh i said it, i confessed--i feel so much better!

On top of that, my new boxing gloves came yesterday.  Highlight of my week so far!  Now you'd probably assume i got pink gloves.  I certainly looked high and low for tie-dye ones, but no dice.  So i settled on...cheetah print!  Ha yupp true story :-)  I looked awesomely ferocious at bootcamp tuesday.  And boxing is so much fun, so why not have fun boxing gloves.  Now i can lay them down at boot and not wonder whose pink gloves are whose out of the 20 pairs there!  Certainly no ones will be confused with mine :-)

Other than that, not much going on.  Just have to wait for next weeks weigh in... with a wedding in between, greaaaaat!  lol


Monday weigh in and other stuff...

So its been a while since i've posted... ugh beginning of school is little busy and i might have been a little over ambitious in wanting to post everyday!  Oh well.

So this weekend i did really well, and played soccer outdoors on a large a$$ turf field and really felt like i held my own.  So going into mondays weigh in, i was hoping that my body would have magically lost more weight that i was expecting.  No dice!  I only lost a pound.  I"m happy with a pound, and its always good to lose, but i now know what it feels like to be on the show, the Biggest Loser, and suffer from the dreaded week 2 curse!  I vowed i would do better this week.

However, this week has been a tough go.  I bootcamped on monday and it was a good work out... but tuesday i had back to school night and wasn't able to get a work out in between soccer and having to be back, so therefore, no go on working out. 
Today (wednesday) i was so exhausted i was laying on the grass watching soccer practice in between drills.  I could NOT keep myself awake.  I wanted to bail on working out more than anything today, but i forced myself to go to Boot.  Turns out, it was an awesome work out (Thanks Jake!) and i was really happy i went.  I am not sure i would have been able to make it through a treadmill work out by myself with how i was feeling. 

So as you may have caught on, i haven't had a treadmill work out yet this week, on top of me struggling with my eating-ness is going to make for an interesting weigh in monday.

I don't mean to "cheat" or anything, but i've been starving the past few days.  I try to pick good/healthy snacks, but i just have been eating more than the last two weeks.  ugh the stressssss!!

Anyone have this happen where they feel hungry all the time?  its hard hard haaaard to resist temptation when you're hungry all the time.  I bring snacks with me when i go places so i don't buy or have something bad, but even still, what used to keep me full when i started this isn't working anymore---seems weird to me that would happen!?


maybe my scale is broken?!?

So, not that this is the right thing to do to...but i've been weighing myself daily-ish in between monday weigh-ins... and i'm NOT liking what i'm seeing this week.  So far i weigh exactly what i weighed on monday.  Ughhhh fail.  I know they say that weight can fluctuate daily and yada yada yadaaaa but last week i really saw changes, but not this week.  I'm working hard and following the meal plan but i'm not seeing results this week.  I guess we will all have to wait until monday to find out.

Today i pushed myself on that treadmill more than i thought i could!  I did my warm up mile and then did my 8 bursts; 4 at 10.0 (6 min mile) and 4 at 10.5 (5:30 min mile)!!!!  I took a video of running that quickly as soooooooome people wanted proof, but its really bouncy obviously and might make ya sick to watch.  So i pushed through those and felt really good about myself and my work out--which might help fight my blahs from yesterday.  Now i need to keep pushing myself to keep that speed up and maybe even go for more!

Now tomorrow i'm worried too because i'm eating out tomorrow night.  I haven't eaten out anywhere since i started the challenge food plan, so i'm feeling really nervous.  I don't want to let myself down or be guilt ridden, but i'm worried they won't have something thats what i should be eating. 
Anyone with any tips on eating out?!?!  Helpppppp!


Missing: Motivation. If found, please contact!!

Yesterday:  I ate exactly according to the plan.  Even with greg baking cookies at night--i refrained!  go me!  And i went to the gym and did my run before bootcamp at 5.  I wanted to really push myself on the sprint parts--especially since i can not WALK during the recovery :-)
I did my warm up, and then started my 8 sprints at 9.0 for the first 4 sets.  I said, i think i can push myself more.  I upped it to 9.5 for the next 3 sets.  On the last set i went for 10.0 (6 min/mi) and actually completed it!  Granted its only for 30 seconds, but still!  I wanted to know how fast 10.0 on the treadmill was actually going to be, in order to decide if i could do more sets that just one at 10.0  I can do it!  (more on that in tomorrows update!) 
After running i went to bootcamp and while i felt tired, i still think i got a good work out in for the most part.

So how can i feel so good yesterday and then today, feel like i have completely lost my motivation??  I ate perfectly, had a snack while I rushed to boot after soccer but was still totally out of it.  Picking up light weights, breaking regularly, and just all around bummin around at class.  I couldn't snap out of it!  I'm sure that my days being so long, when i'm used to get my work out in the morning isn't helping.  But since i started Boot i never really gave in to excuses.   So why now?  Whats happened to me? 

There is still 3.5 weeks left in this challenge and i want to win (whatever the prize is i don't care--as long as its mine lol).  But how can i shake this!?  Suggestions welcome PLEASE!!!!


Weigh in Monday!!

aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm down 4 lbs!  Yay!  I"m pretty happy about it :-)  I played it cool at the weigh in, but you KNOW i wanted to jump up and down lol

So last night i made all my dinners for the week again and felt so proud of myself that i took a picture to admire it for a while :-)  I made 3 rice/chicken/vegetables (yes I, Kelley, really said vegetables) and 3 chicken taco dinners.  It has worked out sooooooo well with defrosting one a day and reheating it.  It makes my night SO SO SO much easier.  I would recommend you try it--totally takes that excuse away!]
I also tried my hand at a protein shake--all in all it wasn't too bad.  I used vanilla protein, banana, and Almond milk--I'm sure i have you salivating!   This highlight of the protein shake was the new single serve blender i got at walmart--with 5 serving cups!!!  Now i have your attention :-)

Also yesterday i did my week 5 burst workout, and felt really good and got really sweaty in the 34 mins that it took. 
Starting this week its up to 4 times a week.  That's really hard/a lot to do with soccer every day.  Since talking to Jemand i may possibly might have maybe almost gotten the courage to wake up and do them before work.  I don't really have an option if I'm going to do boot camp at night after work.  I'm going to attempt that on Wednesday and see if i can do it!

Also, i found out that on the recovery interval, while i was jogging it, that's wrong.  I'm supposed to WALK the recovery!  Whaaaaat?!?!?!  I can WALK it!??!?!  At no more than a 3.0 no less--Music to my ears!  I'm going to up my sprint time this week so we will see how it goes.  This past week i mile warm-uped at 10:54 then 8.0/5.5 on my bursts which is 730's and 1054's and then i 10:54 mile cool-downed.  All in all not too bad for someone who hasn't run more than twice since April.  I will say that i now believe in muscle memory--or whatever they call it.  When i get on that treadmill, after this long of a break, its almost like i never left it.  I don't struggle as much as i did when i FIRST started running on it, and i kinda just fell right into stride.
*** So if you're just starting out--stay with it!!  It will get easier i promise!


Skip or Not Skip???

That is the question.  Proudly, i chose not to skip!!  It was hard though!  I know everyone works long days, and i'm just like the rest of them.  But just because i know we all work long days, doesn't mean it makes it any easier.  I"m sure noooo one wants to go to the gym at 7pm after working 12 hours either.  At least we can commisterate on that!  Because it sucks!  So i climbed up on my treadmill to do my blast work out and i'm jogging along not really thinking about much, and then i did it---i glanced at the mirror to the side of me at the gym.  Let me tell you something...that shit does NOT lie.  You have a muffin top--that mirror shows it.  You have cellulite--that mirror shows it.  You have a bad hair day--that mirrow shows it.  There is no escaping the reality of your imperfections with that mirror.  So as i was running and looked over, and saw what i REALLY looked like, i was really really reaaaaaaaaally glad i didn't skip!!  5 days down 4 weeks and 2 days to go until i look in that mirror and hopefully don't feel all the things i felt today. 

Also, for dinner---a delicious rice bowl.  All i'll add to that--is thank god for salsa.  Its really not that bad i swear, but i would MUCH rather have some chinese food! just sayin.. And proudly, there was no cheating.  No cookie, no hot chocolate, no cheating.  :-)


Knock OUT!!

When your day starts off with your alarm mysteriously NOT going off...that is not a good sign!  Luckily i didn't over sleep.  Even luckier i had time for my Oatmeal with Protein powder... ha!  Ohh you're jealous!  Have i mentioned i hate oatmeal :-(.  At least i don't have a problem eating the same thing every day, because the other options are not nearly as appealing as that oatmeal option!  haha

So, since summer is over, i have to work all day (in real shoes and not flip flops--imagine that!)  After that i go right to coaching soccer practice or game, and by the time that is all over its about 5 or 6pm depending on the day.  As if the 11+ hour day isn't long enough, i have to then go work out after!  Luckily, today was a Bootcamp day, and not a "run" on the treadmill day.  I say "run" because to some people it might be considered a "jog" or even a "sprint walk" lol

Today for my workout--bootcamp: Boxing and Legs/Butt.  Now, for someone that is kinda, uhh.., thick around the bottom, you would THINK it wouldn't be so hard for me.  WROOOOONG!  So many lunges, so many step ups.  Add in the "dread square" and you'll have a grand ole' time!  Whats funny is that i keep going back for more.  I honestly can't get enough!!  During the exercise you think, "Ughhhh this is so hard!  How much time is left?  I just can't!  Quick break.  How many more rounds?? etc..."  And when you're done, you feel like it was hard and you worked, but you kind of chuckle to yourself at how you felt like you'd die--and really you're fine.

My favorite part today might have been the boxing Battle cry.  Who thinks of these things??  So as I'm punching and squatting and sweating and trying to breath, you want me to scream as at the top of my lungs?  Say whaaaaat!?  I gave it all my might and yelled as loud as i could.  Then felt a bit faint for lack of oxygen.  It was awesome. :-)  Boxing days are my favorite days.  I never punched anything or anyone ever until i started bootcamp, and now i can't get enough.  Not to mention my boxing gloves are pink--how appropriate!  I'm not ready to jump in a ring tomorrow, maybe not even the next day (umm prolly never for that matter) but what a great cardio work out.  Its only 4 days until tuesday boxing now!

Which means its only 3 days until monday--weigh in!  Food plan today went pretty well--until i cheated and ate a cookie.  Ughhhhh :-(  It was SO not worth it.  It was salad with tomato, carrot, cucumber, and grilled chicken with balsamic dressing used sparingly for dinner.  Hope i can make up for that cookie!  I have been so good about preparing all of my food--meals and snacks--at home and bringing it with me, that i felt a bit mad at myself over the damn cookie!  And after the 6 oz turkey sandwich for lunch its a wonder i even had room for the effing cookie!  Dwelling over, tomorrow is a new day!