Monday weigh in and other stuff...

So its been a while since i've posted... ugh beginning of school is little busy and i might have been a little over ambitious in wanting to post everyday!  Oh well.

So this weekend i did really well, and played soccer outdoors on a large a$$ turf field and really felt like i held my own.  So going into mondays weigh in, i was hoping that my body would have magically lost more weight that i was expecting.  No dice!  I only lost a pound.  I"m happy with a pound, and its always good to lose, but i now know what it feels like to be on the show, the Biggest Loser, and suffer from the dreaded week 2 curse!  I vowed i would do better this week.

However, this week has been a tough go.  I bootcamped on monday and it was a good work out... but tuesday i had back to school night and wasn't able to get a work out in between soccer and having to be back, so therefore, no go on working out. 
Today (wednesday) i was so exhausted i was laying on the grass watching soccer practice in between drills.  I could NOT keep myself awake.  I wanted to bail on working out more than anything today, but i forced myself to go to Boot.  Turns out, it was an awesome work out (Thanks Jake!) and i was really happy i went.  I am not sure i would have been able to make it through a treadmill work out by myself with how i was feeling. 

So as you may have caught on, i haven't had a treadmill work out yet this week, on top of me struggling with my eating-ness is going to make for an interesting weigh in monday.

I don't mean to "cheat" or anything, but i've been starving the past few days.  I try to pick good/healthy snacks, but i just have been eating more than the last two weeks.  ugh the stressssss!!

Anyone have this happen where they feel hungry all the time?  its hard hard haaaard to resist temptation when you're hungry all the time.  I bring snacks with me when i go places so i don't buy or have something bad, but even still, what used to keep me full when i started this isn't working anymore---seems weird to me that would happen!?

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