Monday Weigh In

Soooo the long awaited weigh in post.  Sorry its been a few days, but monday's weigh in went pretty good.  I felt a lot of pressure to put a decent number since last week i only had 1 pound.  So i arrived at boot, i took off my sneakers, i took a deep inhale/exhale and stepped on up.  I watched the numbers go and go and finally settle on my new weight.  My THREE pound lighter NEW weight!  woooooooooooooo!
I was really happy with the number since i sometimes have a few liberties with the food plan.  I don't have a "cheat" day, i don't eat whatever i want whenever i want, and i certainly don't eat the way i used to, but from time to time (maybe once a week) i might indulge in a peppermint patty.  Ughh i said it, i confessed--i feel so much better!

On top of that, my new boxing gloves came yesterday.  Highlight of my week so far!  Now you'd probably assume i got pink gloves.  I certainly looked high and low for tie-dye ones, but no dice.  So i settled on...cheetah print!  Ha yupp true story :-)  I looked awesomely ferocious at bootcamp tuesday.  And boxing is so much fun, so why not have fun boxing gloves.  Now i can lay them down at boot and not wonder whose pink gloves are whose out of the 20 pairs there!  Certainly no ones will be confused with mine :-)

Other than that, not much going on.  Just have to wait for next weeks weigh in... with a wedding in between, greaaaaat!  lol

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